Friday, April 25, 2008

RC - 2

Uh... so I spilled juice on my laptop last night and have been scared to turn it on until now. Thankfully I sucked the majority of it out of the casing right away (after cold-booting it down) and then cleaned up the rest. So far so good; it's the first time I've ever done something quite THAT stupid to a computer. Oh well, clumsy me.

Anyways I'm all out of time so I'll just treat you to another random comic I drew while in France. This one was inspired by endless hours of hangman in class with my students.

Click to see full sized version

You see we play competitive hangman in class, it makes it more fun. I actually spent a few classes inventing new, mostly space-age ways to kill people. Mostly involving lasers, dematerializers, and space-age spikes attached to space-age, spring-loaded pieces of wood.

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