Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Episode 7 - Flow Chart

I've always thought flow charts were evil, I'm not sure why.

Click to see full sized version

I've never been drunk, but I get the feeling that if I were to do so I'd end up making plans like Smith. "We like throwing cats at people from our bikes but there has to be a better way..."

Either way I hope the comic can continue; I couldn't find 0.5mm graphite at the store today. Apparently they have some sort of aversion to it so all I could do was buy a 0.7mm pencil. Traumatic I know, but hopefully it doesn't ruin the feel of my drawings. I bought a blue pen once and almost had to go to rehab afterwards.

Honestly, this 0.7 crap keeps breaking like its warranty just went up. At least it would if it had a warranty.

Also, let me know if you don't get episode 6. Apparently it wasn't clear. It's not really my fault, I live in flippin' France for Pete's sake!


Jefe said...

man i love it

Kevin said...

flow charts and 0.7mm lead. it doesn't get any better.

great job, Jay.